19 April 2008

Silly Fingers

Or: Off-Season Nanoism

So I'm working through my issues with the dragon murder mystery using one of the tools from Holly Lisle's Plot Clinic which involves asking questions of The Muse.

Now when I do this, I don't look at what I'm typing. In part, I don't look because I usually need to keep one eye on a kid, but mostly I don't look because if I do, I automatically edit and go back and correct typos and rethink what I've written, etc, etc. These things interrupt The Muse, who then gets pissy and shuts up. Which is bad.

So I asked my question, which has to do with a hazy character, Etienne, who is trouble but I don't know why yet. I asked what he did for a living and I'm typing merrily along, one eye on Ms. Baby who is getting into her sister's art supplies, but not destroying anything yet. I glance at my screen, just to make sure I don't have my fingers on the wrong keys or something and see this:

He provides for Robert and June, although Robert would rather he didn't and June doesn't need him to because her husband (an Englishman) is a finance wizard and makes millions playing the stork market...

The stork market. Yes, well, how interesting. Apparently June's Englishman husband sells babies for a living. Not quite the twist I had in mind, but ya never know.... it could work....

Or not.


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