17 April 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

OK, I decided this Thursday Thirteen thing looked fun. No guarantees I'll actually manage it every week, but ya never know...

Thirteen Things on My Beloved Subaru that Need Fixin'

1. The doors lock and unlock themselves. At random. For no particular reason. (And I thought electronic locks were so cool when we got My Beloved Subaru (MBS)…)

2. The headlights go out constantly. It's not the bulbs, though. The bulbs are fine. It's the wires that supply them with power. They keep melting. Yeah, I know, melting.

3. If the RPMs drop too low in 2nd gear, the transmission violently ejects the gear shift back into neutral. The transmission does this, I am told, because the “synchos are going”. Whatever that means, the results are rather alarming. According to The Husband, it is not actually harmful, although it is a very certain indication that the transmission is well on its way to being utterly useless.

4. Subaru Legacy wagons have half doors – just the lower half, where the windows live when they are down – and therefore, they do not have window frames. When the windows are up, they are supposed to seal to the weather stripping attached to the roof and side posts. Supposed to. When they don’t, as is the case with the front passenger’s side window on MBS, at high speeds they emit anything from an earsplitting, high-pitched whistle to a deafening, wind-tunnel roar.

5. As a result of #4, we have what we refer to as “The Paper”, which we stuff between the window and the weather stripping to force the window of MBS to seal, thereby preventing unpleasant side effects. Such as deafness.

6. The backlight for the heat and air controls has never worked. The hazard lights button – right above the heat and air controls - works fine. The CD player – right below the heat and air controls – also works fine.

7. If the car is locked, we can’t open the hatch with a key because one broke off in the lock a few months back. (In downtown Atlanta. At night. Thank goodness we had a spare in the hotel room.)

8. The remaining key is in love with the ignition and frequently protests being removed from it. In fact, sometimes I have to wrestle the steering column to get the key out. I do wrestle very gently for fear of a recurrence of #7.

9. The driver’s side floor mat has this annoying habit of sneaking forward until it somehow makes it impossible to let the clutch pedal out. This almost always happens at a stoplight, so you have to sit there holding up traffic whilst swearing and fishing around by your feet for the floor mat so you can pull it back to its assigned spot so you can let out the clutch, engage the engine and GO already.

10. The gas gauge works just fine. Until it gets down to the 1/4 tank mark. Then, quite suddenly, the needle careens down past E until it’s actually sitting on the little peg at the very bottom the gauge. The tripometer works also works just fine, and believe me, I know exactly how many miles I can get out of a tank of gas, which in and of itself, is sorta wrong.

11. The rearview mirror is loose, so every time I drive over a bump it gets jarred and points lower and lower and lower, until pretty soon instead of glaring at the A-hole tailgating me, I'm glaring at Ms. Baby's feet (or the bottom or her carseat, depending on whether or not she's in it). It's a small thing, but annoying all the same.

12. The Check Engine light is on and has been for months. The Husband took it to Autozone, and their computer said the engine is misfiring, which – if that is actually the case – would be bad. It may also be a bad sensor. Here's hoping it's the sensor.

13. The front passenger-side wheel well makes this awful clattering sound every time I make a right turn. It’s the CV joint and it makes the awful clattering sound because it needs to be replaced. Again. (This will be the 3rd time.)

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Celticlibrarian said...

Dear Heavens! My Subaru Impreza L Sedan was killed by a piece of road debris (and yet...made it the rest of the way to work.) Poor Iggy. *Sniffle* My new(ish) Subaru Impreza Outback Sport Wagon (Gaia) has things like a CD player and working A/C.

Sorry...I'm subaru obsessed. I hope that your Subaru lasts as long as you need it to.

Happy TT.

Miss Crabby Pants said...

Oh my! #4 explains why MY beloved Subaru makes that awful whistling noise on the highway - I've not been able to figure it out for years! The little inside plastic cover triangle thingy broke off a while ago and I've been blaming the noise on that, even though it made no sense.
And #10, too! We have that problem, which is no problem for Mr. Crab because he, like you, knows the mileage capabilities since he gets to drive it every day. So I get in, the gauge reads totally to the peg empty, but the light's not on and the odometer reads 285 miles and I don't know whether or not to stop for gas...
Oh, and #11 - ours isn't loose, but it only adjusts to 2 positions with no finesse or nuanced shifts for view possible. Click, click, but no subtlety.

Ah... Subarus

Gotta love 'em!

Bethanie said...

celticlibrarian - First, thanks for stopping by! Second, my condolences for Iggy. Parting with a Subie, as I am finding out, is just not easy, even one that has seen better days. I will probably end up getting another Legacy, maybe an Outback, but I really, really, really want a WRX and it is really, really, really not a practical car for a mama, even one who commutes. (although I may talk myself into it yet...)

Miss CP - Ah, #4! I'm quite surprised that your Subie has this problem too! All this time, we've assumed that ours was in a wreck of some kind before we got her and that that was the reason for the whistle/roar. Do try #5 (The Paper); it really works! Those Starbucks sleeve/hand protector thingys work great - just tear off a hunk, fold it several times and stuff it between the window and the weather stripping before you get in. (If you forget, this can also be done (by any passenger over 18) while the vehicle is in motion - roll down the backseat window and stuff away! Even at high speeds!)

As for #10, 327 is my magic number. She can really go 350, but I don't push my luck that far on a regular basis. (And apparently, according to the Car Talk guys, this is a 'known issue' for Subies.)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

This Mama considered a WRX but rejected it 'cause it was the same size as her current car and the whole point of replacing that car was to get something wider, so the kids couldn't reach out and touch each other while I was driving (I almost considered a Hummer to permanently solve that problem!).

I would have bought a Legacy GT like the Tour Manager's, only in a better color, but service is a pain from where we live.

Really. Can you tell I'm a Subie fan?