24 April 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

You see the picture up there? The one you click on to go to my profile? Yeah, yeah, that one.

It’s there, in part, because I don’t actively hate it. (And there aren’t many pictures of me that meet that criteria.) It’s also there because it was taken Way Out West where part of my soul still lives.

But mainly, it’s there because it reminds me that - once upon a time - I had abs.

And you could see ‘em.

However, that was 10 years, 1 wedding, 2 dogs, 2 cats and - perhaps most tellingly - 2 pregnancies ago. Hence, my Thirteen for this week…

Thirteen Reasons I Need to Lose Weight

1. My arms don’t sit right on my body. Instead of going down, they go out first. Then down. I’ve never had that before. I don’t like it.

2. My fat clothes don’t fit. Last time my fat clothes didn’t fit, it was because I had lost so much weight they were too loose to stay up. Sadly, that ain’t the case this time.

3. Three years ago when I was back down to my high school weight, I bought all these great clothes. I can’t wear them anymore. Any of them.

4. Ms. Five can run faster than me. That ain’t right.

5. I keep accidentally knocking stuff off tables as I walk by ‘cuz I’m actually wider than I think I am. That ain’t right either.

6. I miss my abs.

7. Parts that shouldn’t jiggle, DO.

8. Bending over to tie my shoes is difficult and somewhat uncomfortable. Kinda like when I was pregnant. Only I’m not now.

9. The curves that I should have disappeared under curves that I shouldn’t have.

10. There is a tire under my chin. No really. A tire.

11. My thighs have to rotate oddly to get past one another when I walk. It is really very strange. And I really don’t like it.

12. I utterly refuse to buy clothing in that next size up. I just won’t do it.

13. Because of my job at FPU, I know waaay more than I ever wanted to about the health effects of being overweight. Losing excess weight is the single best thing you can do for your future health.

So I’m gonna do it.

Right after this brownie.

I’m kidding. I started last week. And I’ve gained two pounds. Stupid scale.

Meh. Maybe it’s muscle mass coming back.

(Hey, I can dream…)

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Start slow and you'll get there. One thing I realized last week was how VERY sedentary I've become and how good it felt to be that active -- even though all I was doing was standing and walking. I'm working on being less still.

On a limb with Claudia said...

Good for you for wanting to make a change in your life and health. That's so very very important. My guess is you'll get there! :)

happy TT

Bethanie said...

Thanks for the comments! Besides eating a LOT of salad, that's the biggest thing I'm trying to do -- avoiding being sedentary. It's hard with a desk job, but I'm trying to do things like take the stairs and get up every couple hours to take a quick walk around the floor.

For inspiration, one of my faculty people studies physical activity and disease and he has a treadmill in his office. His computer monitor and keyboard are attached to it, so if he's checking email or something, at the very least, he's standing and much of the time is walking also (slowly, but still - it's moving, which is better than nothing). Even though a treadmill won't fit in my luxurious cube, my keyboard is on a try, so I can stand instead of sit.

What I most need is patience, though -- I want the fat gone NOOOOW!! :)

Bethanie said...

Sorry, that was supposed to be "keyboard is on a TRAY"...