13 April 2008

A Vehicular Dilemma

My Beloved Subaru turns 13 this year and her age is really starting to show. The list of Things That Need Fixin' goes on and on, and so we've slowly, reluctantly come to the conclusion that we will need to replace My Beloved Subaru and probably sooner rather than later.

So I started looking at cars.

We need something that will get me from the Heart of Suburban Hell to Fabulous Private University 4 days a week without costing us a gazillion dollars in gas. Yanno, like a Prius.

We need something that will tote 2 little girls and all their associated crap and still have room for things like breathing. Yanno, like a minivan.

Since my commute takes me into the middle of Itty Bitty City and I sometimes get stuck in traffic, The Husband thinks we need something with an automatic transmission. Yanno, like most people drive.

We wouldn't mind having something that sits up a bit higher and therefore has a bit more visibility. Yanno, like an SUV.

I want none of these things.

The Prius? Too small and too expensive and doesn't look fun to drive. The minivan? Oh, dear dog, no - I can't really be than uncool and they don't look fun to drive. The automatic transmission? GAG me - SO not fun to drive. The SUV? Not on your life will I ever drive anything that gets such crappy gas mileage and besides, they're so big they can't possibly be fun to drive.

In other words, I have discovered to my surprise that I really want something fun to drive.

How incredibly impractical is that?



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Psst. The Tour Manager has the Subaru Legacy with the Turbo engine. I get better gas mileage in my Acura TSX (which is delightfully fun to drive. Too fun, some might say; it IS a sports car), but if you loved your last Subie, I'd get another!

Bethanie said...

Yeah, I definitely have my heart set on another Subie, even though The Husband has suggested that there are other brands of vehicle out there. I have half convinced myself that a 4-door WRX is a good compromise... It's not, really, but I can dream...

Miss Crabby Pants said...

When our beloved manual transmission Subaru dies (it's almost 15 years old - same as our marriage) we're getting another one for sure. Although 11-year-old son thinks our current beloved Subaru will be his first car (I hope he's right!). Husband really wants a convertible and I want (oh! how I want!) to ditch my mini-van (don't do it! Convenient? Sure. But then you're stuck with it). So Mr. Crab can have his mid-life convertible, I'll get the Suby, and the mini-van can go to hell. Someday.

Anyhoo- our Suby may never die because we found A Great Suby Mechanic! Not a dealer, but a Suby Specialist who Knows Stuff. We love him...

Bethanie said...

My parents have a really nice minivan (I want to say it's a Mazda), the kind with sliding doors on both sides that open automatically by touching a button inside the car and remotely by touching a button on the beep-bo-doop thingy (yanno, the doo-hicky that unlocks the doors). It's nice and I don't mind driving it when they're in town - and part of me would love the ease of getting the girls (and their crap) in and out, but my mother is living proof that once you have one you really are stuck with FOREVER - she's been done with getting kids in and out of vehicles for 15 years and STILL has a minivan! Yipes!