07 April 2008

The Twelve-foot Tower of Torani

I like coffee. I like it a lot. I like it black and flavored (think hazelnut) and really, really hot.

Unfortunately, it does not like me that way.

If I put a little cream in it, I can get away with drinking actual coffee-coffee once a week or so. More often than that, it tears the crap out my stomach.

So I have to drink lattes (have to - we don't want me going around without coffee, since I turn into a nasty, crabby bitch).

Lattes work because the coffee bit is diluted enough to not bother my stomach -- if I use (or ask for) soy milk, since I can't drink milk-milk anymore either (dang, but getting old sux).

So lattes solve the stomach problem, but leave me flavorless unless I put syrap in with the soy milk. Usually, this is chocolate sauce, because my favorite form of flavored latte is mocha. Chocolate sauce is also cheap and easy to find -- on any given day, Wally-world has tons.

But occasionally, I like to branch out: caramel, raspberry - even mint, when the mood strikes.

These flavors are not so easy to find.

I was spoiled when I lived Way Out West - there was a little, bitty health food store downtown that carried every flavor of Torani syrap they ever made. It was great and easy to find, if not incredibly cheap.

Then we moved to HSH. And Torani was no where to be found in any flavor.

I searched and I searched. I tried the grocery store brands - all two flavors offered (vanilla and raspberry - um, woot). Wally-world started carrying a cheez-mo version (also two whole flavors).

I tried them. They just didn't do it for me.

The vanilla was vanilla-ish, but not vanilla. And the raspberry was just ... well, I've had better tasting cough syrap.

Now, one thing about HSH, which is both good and bad, is that it's really up and coming. There's a TON of development going on - new shopping centers, new restaurants, new stores, a new stadium-seating movie theatre (a necessity of life when you're a short person like me).

And recently, we got this place called World Market.

I had never heard of it, but one day last weekend I somehow managed to escape the house without the children and I decided to check it out, since one of my mothers-in-law told me they had "gourmet beer". Not being in any sort of a hurry to get home, I wandered aimlessly through lovely-smelling aisles of candles and soaps and pillows and rugs and patio furniture and basketry of all description.

Then things started getting interesting.

Wasabi snacks (love 'em). Godiva chocolate (Godiva!). Pete's Wicked Ale. St. Pauli Girl. Harp!

And then, there in a stack between aisles, cases of Torani syrap. Only vanilla and raspberry, but still Torani! And it was on sale!

Hyperventilating just a little, I grabbed a basket and snagged a bottle of each, resisting the urge to grab a whole case for fear of injuring myself trying to get it into the car.

I took a deep breath. Very pleased with myself, I continued perusing beers.

Then I rounded a corner and saw it: the Twelve-foot Tower of Torani. Every flavor they make - guava, grapefruit, mango - you name it, there it was, sitting on a shelving unit that went almost to the ceiling.

I literally stood there staring at it for 10 minutes. And grinning.

Life in HSH just got a whole lot better.



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Mmmmm. Pete's Wicked Ale.

Bethanie said...

Mmmmmm, indeed. They had all kinds of stuff (I can't remember half of it, unfortunately).

Can't wait to go back...

Bethanie said...

OMG, I misspelled 'syrup' all the way through that post.... sucks being an editor for a living when you can't spell worth beans and have to look up every other wacky word in the English language.... even the stupidly simple ones...