29 April 2008

Pilates. The New Pain.

One of the many, many wonderful things that I love about working at Fabulous Private University are the benefits. They're seriously great. Seriously.

Take the free health club, for instance. It's free! Anything and everything I could possibly want to do while there is free - machines, weights, showers, towels, lockers, a lock for my locker, and any of 28 different 'group exercise' classes. (Really, there are 28; I just counted.)

There's aerobics. There's Tai Chi. There's Ab Blast. There's Upper and Lower Body Blast. There's Yoga. There's Power Yoga.

And there's Pilates.

And yesterday. I tried it.

I got talked into it because a bunch of the gals in the office started going, and - in front of them - I opened my big mouth and started complaining about how slowly my efforts at Hip Reduction were going. So they bought me a mat and made me go.

And so I went.

And today.... it hurts to breathe.

And you know those abs I miss so much? I know exactly where they are right now.

Other parts of me hurt that I didn't even know I had.

The thing that hurts the most though - my pride. I mean, I knew I was fat. No denying that. But I really had no idea how badly out of shape I had become. That fact was made quite clear yesterday.

I had to stop. I had to rest. There were things I just couldn't even do.

It was quite pitiful.

And something must be done about it. So I'll go back.

But maybe not to Pilates. Not right away. "Stretch It" and "Gentle Yoga" sound much more my speed, so I think I'll start there. Maybe work my way up to Pilates. Eventually.


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